Natalia Germogenovna Gicheva

ESP/FSP Division of Omsk State University.


Russian Academy of Sciences (St.Peterburg branch),
Kandidat of Science (Philology), November 1994.

Omsk State Pedagogical Institute,
Lecturer of English as a Foreign Language, June 1991

Professional experience

  1. Give classes for Physics, Math, History, Economic and Law students;
  2. Publish 6 methodical units for students of full-day and part-day departments (reading and listening comprehensions);
  3. Publish 12 scientific papers (linguistics and methods of teaching English as a foreign language;
  4. Make reports at professional roundtables, workshops, conferences;
  5. Take a post-graduate course in linguistics;
  6. Supervise staff of 30;
  7. Take part in some public organizations (Student's Amateur society; Women Club; American Advising Center);
  8. Make collaborative project with Secondary school No 140 (Omsk) on research activites of school-children;
  9. Show initiative in making the bank of authentic written and audio materials for all specializations.

Dr. Natalia G. Gicheva
ESP/FSP Chair of Omsk State University
Omsk State University,
644077 Omsk, RUSSIA - Click here to send email now!