Larisa A. Kalganova

assistant professor of the department of the international relations

  Education. Uralsk' politechnic Institute 1970 y.
  speciality: economies and organization of Chemistry industry.

  Assistant professor of technical sciense 1984 y. t. Moscow, The Institute of electronice of machinebuilcling in Moscow, speciality: "Technical kibernetic and the theory of the information".

  Serticikate of the management of the Open British University 1994 y..

  The length of the practice in the Europe business school in 1995 y..

  Studi courses: International economics, management, international business, marketing in the international business, management of the production, organization management .

  The main cours "Effectiv manager" in the system of the Open British University.

  The consultation principal directions. Finances and realization of the investmentes, the situation analysis, risk and cash - flows analysis, the decree of the regular management, marketing, reorganization, the projectation of the organization structures, the management of differences, international business.

  At present the consultation. The Government of the Justice - The principal judge in Omsk region.

  Address: 644077, t.Omsk-77,
               Mira str., 55a, OSU.
               DIR, c.IER.

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