Genrich C.Sadretdinov - Ph. D. in History, associate professor.

In 1957 he enterred on history faculty of Kazan state university, at april 1961 he was moved in Tomsk State university, which graduated in 1962. In same year he began to work the assistent of chair of the general history, since 1963 was assistent of chair of history of ancient world and middle ages. In 1966 he became a post-graduate of the chair of history of ancient world and middle ages history faculty of TomskSU. His advisor was professor, doctor of history sciences A.I.Danilov. On completion of post-graduate school in 1969, returned on former place of work as senior instructor. In 1975 he was went to work in OmSU;
since 1977 - assistant professor,
since 1991 - Head of the Chair of the general history of OmSU.

The Area of scientific interests:
1) early Western European middle ages,
2) methodology and historiography of the general history,
3) medieval culture.

The Subject of Ph.D.'s thesis "Anry Pirenn and its concept of transition from antiquity to middle ages" , defended at Tomsk State university.

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Chair of the World History,
Department of History,
Omsk State University,
644077 Omsk, RUSSIA