Svetlana V. Fomenko - кандидат исторических наук, доцент.

D.o.b.: .04.1949
In 1966 has enterred on historian-philological faculty of TSU. After completion of training in 1971-1975 worked as the younger scientific employee of the problem laboratory of history, ethnography and archeologies of Siberia TSU. In 1975-1978 studied in graduate school on pulpit new and the most latest history TSU. In november 1977 has protected the candidate's thesis "Policy of labour party to Great britains in respect of youths (1959-1970)".

Since february 1978 she has working on the chair of the World history Omsk state university - at first as a senior instructor, since 1984 - as associate professor. S.V.Phomenko is author 40 publications, in which 1 monograph and 1 collective monograph. The subject of Ph.D.'s thesis "Youth policy of british state (1900-1930 years)".

Area of scientific interests:
1) british society XХ and youth,
2) betweenwar by period european and american history.

e-mail: n/a
h\tel.: 64-38-20


Chair of the World History,
Department of History,
Omsk State University,
644077 Omsk, RUSSIA