Galina A. Drebushevskaya - candidate of history sciences, assistant professor.

D.o.b.: 27.05.1957
In 1974 she has entered OmSU history faculty. In 1979 she graduated and worked as the assistent on the chair of general history. In 1981 she became a post-graduate under the guidance of professor, Doctor of History Sciences E.V.Goutnova on the chair history of medieval history faculty of Moscow State University. On completion of graduate school in 1986 she returned on former place of work as assistent.

The Area of scientific interests:
1) easteropean muddle ages,
2) new history of West.

The Subject of Ph.D.'s thesis "Social and political crisis 1294-1248 and its role for creating english class monarchy".

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Chair of the World History,
Department of History,
Omsk State University,
644077 Omsk, RUSSIA