Irina A. Ogorodnikova

Candidate of philosophical scienses, associate professor


    In 1976 I finished philosophical faculty of Ural State University.

    Then I was a post-graduate of Leningrad State University and became candidate of philosophical sciences (Ph.D).

    The theme of my dissertation: The formulation of Marx conception of humanizm.

This is some of my publications:

1.Optimism of hystory // Omsk, 1989

2. Modern mechanism of manipulating of the public cosciousness and it's relative independence //Soviet social - economy problems of the development of Russia. - Omsk, 1994.

3. Idea of university - project of incarnation of ideal formative shape //Communications of Omsk University. 1997. No. 4(6).

Dr. Irina A. Ogorodnikova
Chair of sociology
Omsk State Univesity,
644077 Omsk, Russia