Some publications by Angelina Gering:

1. The influence of social political process on the teacing of social scienses. //Omsk,93

2. Sociology of professional technical education, it's place in sociology of education. //Sant-Petersburg,94

3. University, as social institute of upbringing.//Cherkessk,95

4. Prestige of the University education at the student's youth.//Sant-Petersburg, SPbSU,95

5.Formulation of the new model University education.//Omsk,95

6.The role of the universities in research of the formulation of stable social system ofeducation. //Novosibirsk,95

7. Universities and democratic system of the education.//Novosibirsk,95

8. Idea of university - project of incarnation ideal formative shape. //Omsk,97

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