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Division of history and theories of religion

Natalia N. Vorobiova

Occupied job: assistent

Graduated Omsk State University, history department in 1992.

Area of scientific interests:

problems of archaic consciousness;

historiography of myth;

history of religious art (Antiquity, Byzantia, Ancient Russia);

problems of religious art and aesthetics (symbol, image, canon, iconography).

Developed a course of lectures "Aesthetics and religious art". For a given moment to educate in the postgraduate course, work on the candidate's thesis.


  1. Vorobiova N.N.Soviet literature on the myth 20 - 40-th XX age. ( methodological aspect). // Yadrintsev`s readings: materials of XVI scientific student conference. Omsk, 1994.

  2. Vorobiova N.N. Methods of archaic culture study in the works O.M.Freidenberg and V.Y.Proppa // History yearbook / Under the editing of A.V.Yakuba. Omsk : Omsk state university, 1996.

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