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Division of history and theories of religion

Ghennadiy M. Porohin  


Occupied job: assistant professor.

Scientific degree: candidate of philosophical sciences

Scientific rank: assistant professor

Graduated Tomsk State University, history department in 1967 . Protected a candidate's thesis in the Tomsk State University in 1975 .

Area of scientific interests: history of russian philosophy XIX - XX ages.

Hobby: fishing and collection of mushrooms.


  1. On gnosiological bases  of philosophical world outlook V.V.Lesevich. In book : Nature of world outlook and practical aspects of its shaping. Tomsk ,1990.

  2. Experience of building an neo-positivistic sociology in works E.V. De Roberty. In book : Questions of european historiography and source-keeping. Omsk 1990.

  3. To the question on distinguishing of religious and mundane direction in russian philosophies. In book : Russian philosophy and spiritual culture of contemporaneity. Irkutsk 1991.

  4. Necessary conditions of authentical perception of russian idealism of border of ages. In book : Problems of methodology of history sciences. Omsk 1992.

  5. To the problem of personality and societies in the russian idealism of border of ages. In book : Formation of person as a subject of social works. Omsk 1997.

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