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Division of history and theories of religion


Alexander I. Petrov

Occupied job:

     managing a branch "Theology",

    managing division of history and theories of religion,

     managing laboratory of testing.

The Scientific degree: candidate of history sciences.

The Scientific rank: assistant professor.

Graduated Omsk State Pedagogical Institute, history department in1974 . Protected a candidate's thesis on professions "archeology" in the Kemerovo State University in 1985 . Subject to thesises: "Epoch neolithium and early bronze at the average PriIrtish".

Area of scientific interests:

1) archeology of epoch neolithium and early bronze on Ural and in West Siberias

Published main work on this subject:

1.1. To the question on the middle irtish to the neolithic culture // Problems an ethnic of history of turkic`s languages folk of Siberia and colimiting territory . Omsk, 1985.

1.2. Monuments samusko-seiminsky epoch in the timber PriIrtish (in coauthorship with I.G.Glushkov) // Problems an ethnic of history of turkic languages folk of Siberia and colimiting territory . Omsk, 1985.

1.3. Ekatherina`s type of ceramicses on monuments Average Priirtish //Archeology Priirtish . Tomsk, 1980.

1.4. Monuments of stone age in the steppe Priirtish // Ethnocultural phenomenas in West Siberias . Tomsk, 1978.

1.5. Archeological activity of A.F.Palashenkov //History, archeology and ethnography of Siberia . Tomsk, 1979.

1.6. Division into periods and chronology of monuments ekaterina`s culture at the average PriIrtish //Sources on histories of West Siberia . Omsk, 1987.

1.7. Reconstruction of main ways of fishing fish as of topographies of settlings late neolithium-early bronze of West Siberia //History science in the Omsk pedagogical institute . Omsk ,1992.

2) spiritual culture of population of West Siberia at the end of stone age

Published main work on this subject:

2.1. Chapter: "Epoch neolithium and early bronze" in five-volumes publishing "Essays a culture-genesis of folk of West Siberia". Volume 2 Worlds real and beyond . Tomsk, 1984.

2.2. Astral signs and their numeric contents (on material of ceramic ornaments Elowsky II burial ground ) //Art and folklore of folk of West Siberia . -Tomsk, 1984 (in coauthorship with Y.V.Balakin and A.I.Trufanov).

2.3. On some sources of numeric values of ancient ornaments //World outlook of folk of West Siberia on archeological and ethnographic facts . Tomsk, 1985.

2.4. On the semantics of  zoomorphick expressing from burying an epoch neolithium- an early bronze in West Siberias //Second history reading a memory of  M.P.Griaznov . Omsk ,1992.

3) problems a reshaping a formation system in Russia

Published main work on this subject:

3.1. Experience of getting a higher education in universities of pre-soviet Russia //Layered higher education . Omsk, 1987.

3.2. Theology as a new direction of university formation in Russia // The gate in future . Omsk, 1996.

3.3. Experience of religious formation in the Omsk state university //Society and religion . Omsk ,1997.

3.4. That needed to know an applicant on testing on domestic histories? Omsk ,1996 (in coauthorship with Y.V.Balakin and Y.A.Sorokin).

3.5. Experience of sheduling the variants of tests on domestic histories //Problems of testing a student of young people . Omsk ,1995.

3.6. Experience of Omsk state university as a regional organizer of testing the graduates of secondary schools //Problem of raising a quality of educating the schoolboys . Rostov on the Don, 1996 (in coauthorship with V.V.Tihomirov, B.I.Vershinin, V.I.Gagarin).

3.7. editted two scholastic allowances of history for the teach secondary school.

4) at last years actively to take up a problem, bound both with scholastic, and scientific interests:

a) interaction of most very ancient civilizations with the barbarous periphery on the north EuroAsia in III - II millennium before Ð.Õ.

b) history and archeology of ancient Front Asia;biblical archeology.

In the Omsk university with 1982 on 1998 lectured on following courses:

History of ancient Orient;

History of primitive society;


History of ancient culture;

History and archeology of ancient Front Asia;

Stone age of West Siberia.

Other interests:

much travelled on foot on West Siberias: at the average Priirtish and Average Pri-Ob, Chanty-Mansy national county, on Alta; participated and managed a many exploring archeological troops, connected with searching new archeological monuments; managed a functioning (working) the archeological expeditions, excavations of monuments neolithium and early metal in Siberias.


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