Omsk State University

Division of history and theories of religion

Boris V. Melnikov

Occupied job: assistant professor

Scientific degree: candidate of history sciences

Scientific rank: assistant professor

Graduated Omsk State University, history department in 1983. Protected a candidate's thesis in the Institute of Archeology and Ethnography SO RAN (t. Novosibirsk) in 1995.

Area of scientific interests: archeology of russian and aboriginal populations of Siberia and Altai of epoch the middle ages and New Time, ethnography of folk of Siberia, ethno-archeology,  history to the Russian Orthodox church in Siberias and America.

Hobby - a russian numismatics and heraldry, sport hunting with the dog, fishing.

Private telephone: (3812) 14-68-28

           Working telephone: (3812) 63-21-18

           E-mail: BMELNIK@UNIVER.OMSK.SU  

     Basic publications:

  1. Exploring of works of Middle Irtish expeditions // Archeological openings 1978 year. Moscow ,1979.

  2. On dating and cultural accesories barrow cemetry Okunevo-V.// Ethnogenesis and ethnic a history of turkic language nations of Siberia and colimiting territory.Omsk ,1979.

  3. New material of epoch developed the middle ages from forest-steppe Priirtish .// Archeology of West Siberia. Omsk,1988.

  4. Place of base monument in the system of archaeology-ethnographic complex // Archeology of West Siberia.Omsk ,1988.

  5. Linguistical aspects of archaeology-ethnographic complex // Archeology of West Siberia. Omsk ,1988.

  6. Experience of separation of archaeology-ethnographic complex // Novosibirsk ,1989.Krasnoyarsk ,1989.

  7. To the question on the south border of sargatsk culture // Problems of studying of sargatsk culture.Omsk ,1991.

  8. Late funeral monuments of taiga Priirtish // Ancient burying of Ob-Irtish.Omsk ,1991.

  9. Ways and possibilities of migration in conditions of taiga area // Experimental archeology.Tobolsk ,1992.

  10. Evaluation of level of Siberian aborigines`s well-being in XVII-XVIII ages. (as of archeologies)// Archeological cultures and cultural-history generalities of Big Ural. Ekaterinburg ,1993.

  11. Ancient cultures of Bertain valley. Novosibirsk ,1994 (in coauthorship with Derevainko A.P., Molodin V.I. and others.)

  12. Traditional commercial hunt in taiga area of West Siberia as a subject an archaeology-ethnographic collations .// Aborigines of Siberia: Problems of studying disappearing languages and cultures.Volume 2. Novosibirsk ,1995.

  13. Potter's ceramics of archeological monuments of Siberia in XVII-XVIII ages .// Ceramics as a history source.Tobolsk ,1996.

  14. From the experience of archaeology-ethnographic studies of Omsk University in West Siberia .// Ethnographer-archeological complexes: problems of culture and socium.Novosibirsk ,1996.

  15. On the beginnig of missionary activity of  Filophei Leshinsky // Russian Orthodoxy : history and contemporaneity. Omsk ,1995.

  16. Guidelines church politicians of Russia government in Siberias in XVII-XVIII ages . // Social institutes in histories.Omsk ,1996.

  17. From the history of mastering russian Upper Priirtish.// Russia and Orient.Omsk ,1997.

  18. From the history church politicians of Russia government in Siberia (XVIII age ).// Society and religion. Omsk ,1997.

  19. On information of casual discoveries of Russian buring of  XVIII-XIX ages for the archaeology-ethnographic designs .// Integration of archeological and ethnographic studies.Omsk - Ufa ,1997.

  20. On missionary of Russian Orthodox church activity in West Siberia.// Cultural heritage of Asiatic Russia.Tobolsk ,1997.


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