Anton Vadimovich Sveshnikov
Anton Vadimovich Sveshnikov

Occupied  post:   the senior teacher, candidate of historical sciences.
Has finished:       historical department of Omsk State university, 1994.
Graduated:         Tomsk State university, 1997.
Area of scientific interests:   historiography, methodology of a history, cultureology.

 The publications:

1. Analysis of philosophy of gnostices in labour of L.P.Kirievin (methods and forms of  scientific
    research). // Antique herald, issue 3, Omsk,  Omsk State University, 1995.
2. Historical description as a way of study of social institutes.
     // Social institutes in history, Omsk, Omsk State University, 1996.
3. Historical concept of L.P.Kirievin  and searches of new language of a historical science.
    // The auto abstract of the dissertation on competition of a scientific degree of the candidate of
    historical sciences. Tomsk, 1997.
4. L.P.Kirievin : myth of freedom in the text of life.
    //  Mythologem  of  freedom in culture of  XX centures.Omsk, Omsk State University, 1998.

address: Sveshnikov Anton Vadimovich
the senior teacher
Omsk State University,
644077 Omsk, RUSSIA

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