Aleksey Mihaylovich Izergin

Aleksey  Mihaylovich Izergin

Occupied  post:   the senior teacher,
                            the candidate of historical sciences.
Has finished:   historical department  of Tomsk State university in 1992.
Was graduated:   on faculty of a History of the Ancient world and Middle Ages of  Tomsk State university, December 21, 1995.
Area of scientific interests:   historiography and methods of historical and culturological  researches;
                                              a military history and military business in Europe 17-18 cc..
Hobby, enthusiasm:   member of military - historical club "Eger"
                                (military uniform, military desktop games - " wargame ").

The publications:

1. East and West in the concept of  F.Brodel . // The theses of the reports of student's scientific   conferences of Tomsk university. Humanitarian sciences.
    Tomsk,  Tomsk university, 1994.
2. " A Global history " F.Brodel : attempt of the new approaches in historiography.
    // New in study and teaching of a history in high schools: materials of conferences. Tomsk, Tomsk  University, 1994.
3. Middisciplinary cooperation: sights of  F.Brodel.
    // deposited in INION RAN 27.04.95.,ussue 50347
4. Paradigm of  "Annals"  40-60 yy.: problems of epistemology. // Methodological and historiographical questions of a historical science. Issue 22:
    Collections  of  the articles, Tomsk, Tomsk university, 1995.
5.  Scientific history and ideologiolised  from the methodological point of view.
    // Problems of historiography,  source-condioting  and historical study of local lore  in high school rate of a Domestic history.// The theses of the reports and messages of third regional is scientific - methodical conferences. Omsk, Omsk University, 1997.

address: Aleksey Mihaylovich Izergin
Chair of Culturelogy
Omsk State University,
644077 Omsk, RUSSIA

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