Omsk State University
The chair of Ethnography


Nikolay A.Tomilov

Head of the chair of ethnography

    Nikolay A. Tomilov was born 14 august 1941. He entered in Tomsk State University in  1959 and he finished it in 1967. In 1961 he perpetrated his first expedition jorney  in the stuff of  an ethnography expedition of Tomsk State University to Selkups and Hants, which live in Tomsk branch. (the head of the expedition was G. I. Pelikh). Nikolay had been working as scientific worker in The problem laboratory of history, arheology and ethnography in Tomsk University from 1968 to 1974, science 1974 he has been working in Omsk State University.

    He has been professor and manager of the chair since 1985. Since 1991 he has been director Omsk branch of the United Institute of history, philology and philosophy Siberian branch Russian Academy of Science, since 1993 he has been director Of The Siberian branch of Russian Institute of culturology.

    Nikolay defended his dissertation in The Institute of Academy of science USSR on subject: "Modern ethnic and culture-everyday processes among Siberian Tatars" in 1973, and he defended doctor's thesis on a subject: "Этническая история тюрко-язычного населения Западно - Сибирской равнины конца XVI  -  начала  XX вв." in those institute in 1983.

    He got academic rank - professor in 1987, in 1994 he was elected real fellow of The Academy of gumanitarian science (Russia), in 1998 he was elected fellow-corresondent of The Russian Academy naturally sciences.

    He was an supervisor more ten persons, which  defended their dissertations on ethnography. Nikolay is the fellow of dissertations doctor's council on archeology and ethnography in Novosibirsk, on history in Omsk, on ethnography in Vladivostok.

        The field of his science interests is ethnology (ethnography): problems of methodology, theory, historiography; methodics and specific ethnographic research of the nationalities of Russia and adjoin regions of middle and east Asia; antropology of the nationalities of the West Siberia; ethnoarheology: some problems of methodology, theory and methodics; history of the West Siberia.

    N. A. Tomilov is the editor-in-chief of  3 series in many volunes:
1. "Культура народов мира в этнографических собраниях российских музеев", (издается с 1986г.);
2. "Культура народов России", (издается с 1995г.);
3. "Этнографо - археологические комплексы: проблемы культуры и социума", (издается с 1996г.)

    He is the editor-in-chief of the magazin "Bulletin of Omsk branch Academy of gumanitarian science", is the fellow science-editional council of the magazin "Gumanitarian sciences in Siberia".

    Nikolay published more 400 science works, include 22 monographies. More important monographyies are:

1. Современные этнические процессы среди сибирских татар.-Томск: Изд-во Томск. ун-та, 1978г.;
2. Этнография тюркоязычного населения Томского Приобья.-Томск: Изд-во Томск. ун-та, 1980г.;
3. Проблемы этнической истории.-Томск: Изд-во Томск. ун-та, 1993г.;


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