Omsk State University
The chair of Ethnography


Galina M.Patrusheva

Ph.D. in history, associate professor

    Galina M. Patrusheva was born 29 april 1955. She entered to the Omsk State University in 1974, and graduated it in 1979. She perpetrated her first expedition journey in the staff of an ethnography expedition to tatars of Barabian steppe in 1975. (the head of expedition was N. A. Tomilov)

    Galina had been working as manager of The Museum of archeology and ethnography in Omsk State University. Since 1987 she has been working on the chair of ethnography. In 1998 she got a rank of a reader. At the same time, since 1992 she has been a manager of a branch museuns in Omsk branch of the United Institute of history, philology and philosophy Siberian branch Russian Academy of Science.

    Galina submited a thesis for a master of history science degree in 1992 in the Novosibirsk city in the Institute of  archeology and ethnography Siberian branch Russian Academy of Science. The subject of her dissertation was "Динамика современных этнических процессов у шорцев Кемеровской области на cовременном этапе".

     The field of her science interests is ethnology; museuology; ethnosociology; ethnoculture process of nationality in Siberia. She is the author more 53 science works, include 2 monography. Her base publications are:
1. Шорцы // Народы России: Энциклопедия. - М.: Большая Российская энциклопедия, 1994. - С. 413 -415 (в соавторстве с З. П. Соколовой)

2. Шорцы сегодня: современные этнические процессы. - Новосибирск: Наука, 1996. - 224с.

3. Народная культура и проблемы музееведения.  - Новосибирск: Наука, 1999 (в соавторстве с Н. А. Томиловым, В. Г. Рыженко и др.)


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