Omsk State University
The chair of Ethnography


Ilia V. Lotkin

Ph.D. in history, associate professor

   Ilia V. Lotkin was born 17 september 1966. In 1984 he entered on the history faculty in Omsk State University. After finishing if the OmSU he was sent on the post-graduate courses attached to the chair of ethnography and modern history of native. Ilia defended his dissertation in the Institute of arheology and ethnography Siberian branch Russian Akademy of Science (Novasibirsk). The subject of his dissertation was "Modern ethnic processes of Letts and Estonias, living rural regions in Siberia".

    After the finising of graduate courses from 1992 to may 1995 he had been working an assistent on the chair  of ethnography OmSU, from a may 1995 - a senior teacher, from the december 1996 - an assistant professor. Since 1993 he is a researcher of Harvard project "Изучение этнических конфликтов в постсоветском пространстве: исследование причин национальной напряженности в Западной Сибири".

    Since 1993he is an assistant of leader of committee on deals of religion and nationals in Administrations an Omsk region. Ilia took part in the development of program "Профилактика межнациональных конфликтов в Омской области".

    Ilia is a participant of International conferences in Limasol (Cyprus, 1995), Belfast (North Ireland, 1996), Colombo (Sri-Lanca, 1997), Zagreb (Horvaty, 1998), Rome (Italy, 1999). He probationed  on courses an ethnic conflictology in the university Oslo (Norway, 1996).

    The field of his science interests is ethnographyof west nationality groups in Siberia; politilogy; etnics conflictology. He published more 43 science works in russian and foreighn magazins. Ilia is the author 3 monographies on politology and ethnography. His most important publications are:
1. Этническое самосознание и национальные установки сибирских латышей и эстонцев // Latvijas Zinatnu Akademijas Vestis -1992.- N10. - С.61 - 70.
2.Современные этнические процессы у латышей и эстонцев в сельских районах Западной Сибири. - М.: Изд - во Ин - та этнодогии и антропологии, 1996. - 200с.
3. Омская область.  Модель этнологического мониторинга. М.: Изд - во Ин - та этнодогии и антропологии, 1998. - 94с.


Address: 644077 Omsk, prospekt Mira 55 A. Omsk State University. Faculty of history. Chair of