Omsk State University
The chair of Ethnography 


Nadezhda V.Kuleshova

Ph.D. in History, assistent professor

    Nadezhda V. Kuleshova was born 20 december 1956. She entered on the faculty of history in Omsk State University in 1974. She perpetrated her first expedition journey in the staff of an ethnography expedition to tatars of Barabian steppe in 1975.  Nadezhda graduated OmSU in 1979. In 1991 she entered in post-graduate course in the chair of ethnography and the modern history of our country on the specialized field "Ethnology and antropology". These course she finished in 1994. She defended her dissertation on the subject "Проблемы этнической и этносоциальной истории татар Барабинской степи XIX - XX вв. (по материалам генеалогии)" in the Institute of arheology and ethnography Siberian branch Russian Akademy of Science (Novasibirsk).

    Nadezhda had been teaching history and social science in Novoselsk school in Omsk region from 1979 to 1982. She had been working by teacher on the chair of social science in Omsk State University of the physical culture from 1982 to 1991. Science 1994 she has been  working on the chair of ethnography in OmSU.

    The field of her science interests is ethnology, genealogy, ethnic history of Turkic languages nationalities in the west Siberia, problems ethnosocial history Siberian Tatars. She is the author more 20 science works.

    Nadezhda got grant of the Russian Fund fundamental researches (project N99-06-80181)

    Base publications:
1. О чем рассказывают гинеалогии барабинских татар // От Урала до Енисея (Народы Западной и Средней Сибири). - Кн. 1. - Томск, 1995. - С. 36 - 45.

2. Тугумные образования барабинских татар XIX - первой трети XX вв. // Исторический ежегодник . - Омск, 1996. - С. 134 - 143.

3. Гинеалогия и этническая история барабинских и курдакско - саргатских татар. - Новосибирск:Наука, 1999. - 312 с. (в соавторстве с С. Н. Корусенко)

    Hobby: history, literature.


Address: 644077 Omsk, prospekt Mira 55 A. Omsk State University. Faculty of history. Chair of ethnography.