Marina A. Medvedeva

Ph. D. in Economics, associate professor


      In 1983 she graduated from Novosibirsk Institute of National Economy. In 1989 she completed the post-graduate course at the Moscow Institute of Economics and Statistics and defended her Ph. D. thesis ďEconomical and statistical researches of industrial productionís material capacityĒ.

She lectured the following subjects:

Since 1994/95 she collaborates with the OmSU.

In OmSU she lectures the following courses

        Valuation of realty (special course)


M.A. Medvedeva has published articles in Omsk media on problems of valuation of realty and analysis of prices at the housing market.

Information for contacts:

 Address: 644077, Russia, Omsk,
             pr. Mira,  55-a,
              Omsk State University,
              Department of Economics,
              Chair of Finances and Credit.

Tel:  66 - 46 - 20