Olga Yuryevna Grogoleva

Born: 12.05.1975


Education: finished OmSP, biological faculty, branch a biology-psychology.

Jobs: OmSU, pulpit of applied psychology.


Main scientific interests:
  1. Social adaptation a children in the preschool institution.
  2. Worry and awe of younger schoolboys, as a problem school desadaptation.
  3. School neurosises: way of diagnostics and correction.
  4. Using the strategies of theatrical reincarnating in psihocorrection.
  5. Psychology dvoryane's education: searching ways of reviving some forfeited by traditions.
Area general interests: The Actress of student theatre.

Addition education: Finished a musical school on the class a pianoforte and ballet school at the palace of cultures; play on the guitar.

Telephone: 24-00-38

Olga Yu. Grogoleva
Chair of Practical Psycholology
Department of Economics
Omsk State University
644077 Omsk