Ludmila Nikiforovna Adeeva

senior lecturer, candidate of engineering science.

Has ended in 1969 chemical faculty of Tomsk politechnical institute named S.M. Kirova. In 1972 has protected a thesis on competition of a scientific degree of the candidate engineering science. Since 1977 she is the senior lecturer of faculty of inorganic chemistry OmSU.

Area of scientific interests - chemistry and chemical process engineering of the rare and scattered elements, protection of an environment, use of second resources.

L.N. Avdeeva has 5 copyright certificates and patents, 38 printed works.

The patents:

Mode of clearing of waste water of galvanic production from heavy metals. - The patent of Russian Federation. - 1995. - N 2033972;

Mode of extraction of platinum and reniy from treated platinorenie of catalysts. - The patent of Russian Federation. - 1997. - N 2100072;

L.N. Avdeeva
Department of Chemistry
Omsk State University
644077 Omsk