Vladimir Aleksandrovich Fock

22(10).12.1898 -- 27.12.1974
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Vladimir A.Fock was born on 22 December 1998 in StPeterburg and died in the same town on 27 december 1974. He graduated from StPetersburg (Petrograd) University and, with exception of war and several post war years, his life was associated with St.Peterburg (Leningrad) where he was teaching at the University for more than 40 years. During this time he made fundamental contributions to quantum theory reflected in such notions as Fock space, Hartree--Fock method and others.
The celebration of the 100th anniversary of  V.A.Fock is organized under auspices and with the support of UNESCO. The Hundredth anniversary of V.A.Fock is included in the UNESCO list of anniversaries for 1998.

Academician, member of the St. Petersburg Mathematical Society (since its reestablishment in 1959).

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